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Sustainable Action: Crafting compelling narratives

At Koan, we pride ourselves on delivering clear and precise reports.

When Action, Europe’s fast growing non-food discounter, sought to create an Annual Report and a compelling 'Action Update' website, they turned to us for our sustainability expertise and creative storytelling.

The Challenge

Action's goal was to reflect their growth and commitment to sustainability in an engaging narrative. They needed a report and website that aligned with their brand and communicated their journey effectively.

Our Approach

From the start, we worked with Action’s leadership, exploring their sustainability initiatives. Our process captured their journey, focusing on impact, engagement, and innovation. With our 35 years of experience, we crafted an informative and compelling narrative.

We transformed the 'Action Update' website using bold colors and designs true to Action's brand. Images, illustrations, and infographics showcased their progress, making data accessible and engaging.

The Result

The 'Action Update' website showcased Action’s commitment to sustainability. The design and interface enhanced Action's brand perception, positioning them as a leader in the sector.

The Annual Report, praised for its readability, resonated with stakeholders, reinforcing their trust in Action’s initiatives.

Our collaboration helped Action communicate their achievements and elevated their brand's appeal, showcasing our expertise in design, reporting and storytelling.

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