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We provide end-to-end reporting services for clients around the world in the

retail energy finance banking insurance transport oil and gas engineering construction manufacturing pharmaceutical asset management


Materiality assessments

Need help with carrying out a CSRD-compliant double materiality assessment for your next report? Let us take the reins. We’ll help with planning, surveying stakeholders and identifying your material topics. We’ll also break down the results for you to maximise understanding, and help present findings to your management team.

Editorial services

Not everyone’s a writer - that’s where we come in. We’ve written scores of reports on subjects ranging from climate change and public health, to diversity & inclusion, and biodiversity. We’ll work with you to develop themes and storylines, as well as value chains and business models to tailor your report to your business. We’ll also make sure your text meets audit standards and complies with all relevant regulatory requirements. 

ESRS gap analysis

Before you start reporting, you’ll need to know where the ‘gaps’ are – in other words, which areas you'll need to collect new data for in order to be ESRS-compliant. We'll speed up the process by conducting a detailed analysis of your current reporting, internal and external, before matching this up against your ESRS requirements and creating a step-by-step action plan to ensure full compliance in your final report.

Reporting roadmap

Whether it's your first time writing a report, or you're a seasoned professional looking to make your reports more integrated or digitalised, we can help develop roadmaps that set out clear objectives, requirements for resources, and options for future content and structure. These reporting roadmaps will help you organise reporting internally, ensure compliance and put in place robust review and approval processes, saving time and costs in the long run.

Layout & design

When it comes to effective reporting, it’s often just as important to ensure what you're producing is visually attractive as it is to make sure that it's written well. We can help design your report, whether it’s online-first, as a PDF, or a traditional printed report you want to send to investors or other stakeholders. We'll create a report that's clear, accessible, appealing and fully in line with your brand positioning and identity. 

Training and workshops

To keep your team up to speed with the latest in sustainability, we run workshops, e-learning programmes and webinars on everything from ESRS/CSRD and materiality to impact reporting. We can also tailor training programmes to your business needs so you're getting the most out of the experience. 

Policy writing and development

New reporting regulations require you to have clear, effective policies in areas from human rights to environmental management. We can help you draft these policies, making sure they’re in line with international standards such as the UN Global Compact, the OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the UN Guidelines on Business and Human Rights.

Support for your reporting process

Coming up with an ESRS-compliant report is no easy feat, but we can help you with the nuts and bolts. That means strengthening data collection, defining KPIs and targets, supporting external assurance and documenting processes. We can also draft reporting manuals for you, help project-manage your next report and develop robust systems that'll make report reviews and approvals much easier.

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We work with clients big and small across a variety of sectors.

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